News, Browser Screenshots and More

At our meeting on Friday 21st August we talked about the Apple news from the past few weeks and got some tips on taking screenshots in web browsers.

App Development Update

DaveK gave us an update on the app he’s currently developing and got member’s feedback on his progress. The Zenopolis website has information about Dave’s current apps.

Web Browser Screenshots

Robert demonstrated some methods of taking screenshots of complete web pages (not just the portion that is visible). He mentioned that this can be useful for keeping a record of a form you’ve filled in or when developing web pages. This can be done in different ways depending on the browser you use:

  • Firefox has a handy built in “Take a Screenshot” tool. Select it from the Page actions menu, click the Save full page option at the top right and then click Download to save the image. Firefox have a help page on screenshots.

  • In Safari you can use an option in the Developer tools to take full page screenshots. This article explains how to enable to developer tools and take screenshots.

  • Chrome also has an option in its developer tools.

  • BrowseShot is a simple app which allows you to browse to a website and save a full page screenshot. It is free on the Mac App Store.

Tip: in all cases scrolling down to the end of the page before saving a screenshot makes it more likely all the images will be included.


We discussed the Apple news from the last few weeks including: