Automator and Lots of Suggestions

At this meeting, held on Friday 4th September, we had a demonstration of Automator and lots of interesting suggestions from members.

App Development Update

DaveK kept us up to date on the app he’s currently developing and got member’s feedback on his latest ideas. The Zenopolis website has information about Dave’s current apps.


DaveK demonstrated Whiteboard by Nidi a simple whiteboard app for iOS which is useful for creating quick sketches that can then be shared. We also found it works well when sharing your screen in an online conference.


Robert demonstrated the Automator application included with macOS, useful for automating repetitive tasks. He created two demonstration workflows:

  • Resize multiple images - Quickly resize multiple selected images to a preset size. He then showed how this workflow could be run from a Finder Quick Action for easy access.
  • Presentation Setup - a Workflow to configure your Mac for making a presentation by launching appropriate applications, opening web pages and setting the desktop background. The workflow could also Quit applications, adjust the system volume amongst other things.

Apple have an Automator User Guide if you’re interested in finding out more.