Sketchbook, File Transfers and a Secret Project

On the 7th of August we held an online meeting where we talked about Sketchbook, Autodesk’s free sketching and painting app, additional methods of transferring large files and more.

App Development Secret Project

DaveK ran through his ideas for the next iOS app he is planning to develop. Members gave plenty of feedback and suggestions. Take a look at the Zenopolis website for Dave’s current apps.

Transferring Large Files

Following on from the last meeting, Robert had some more suggestions for transferring large files. This time he showed two services which can be used receive large files from people with non-Apple devices:

  • Dropbox File Request - If you have a Dropbox Account, the file request feature allows someone to easily upload large files to a folder within your Dropbox without them needing to create an account.

  • We Transfer - This is a simple free service that allows anyone to upload a file up to 2GB in size and then emails a link to the recipient. The file is then available for 7 days. A paid account is also available allowing larger files and more options. Several members mentioned they had used the We Transfer service successfully.


Robert demonstrated Sketchbook, Autodesk’s sketching and painting app which is now available free on the Mac and iOS App Stores. This app has a wide variety of virtual brushes and pens available along with various helpful assists and tools. It features layers for more complicated compositions.


John demonstrated Snap Camera from Snapchat which allows you to add “lenses” (including virtual accessories such as glasses or completely changing your face) to your video chat in services including Zoom.