WiFi & Sharing Large Files

At our online meeting on the 24th July, we talked about troubleshooting WiFi/Internet connection issues and methods of sharing large files over the Internet.

WiFi Troubleshooting

Robert gave a presentation on WiFi and Internet connection troubleshooting. This was prompted by a question from Liz, who has noticed occasional Internet connection problems at home that she thought might be due to WiFi issues.

Liz mentioned a BBC Click clip which talks about changing your WiFi channel for better performance.

Robert suggested first making some checks to determine if the problem is the WiFi connection rather than an issue with the Internet connection or the service being accessing. Some questions he suggested asking:

  • Do you still have a problem when you’re using a computer with a wired connection?
  • Is the WiFi signal strength strong (full or nearly full bars) on the device with the problem?
  • Is the situation the same if you move closer to the router?

If the answer to these questions is yes then it’s probably not a WiFi-specific issue.

There may also be a temporary problem with a specific Internet service so it’s worth checking if other data intensive services, like other streaming services work OK.

If it does appear to be a WiFi issue, Robert demonstrated using the Wireless Diagnostics app supplied with macOS. This has a Scan window (opened from the Window menu) which shows the WiFi networks nearby and suggests the best WiFi channels to use. This may help avoid interference from other networks nearby reducing performance.

Resetting your router may be enough to have it pick a better channel and improve performance. If this does not work then Robert demonstrated accessing his router to manually change the WiFi channels.

Apple have a support article on troubleshooting WiFi issues

Sharing Large Files

Robert showed some options for sharing files from your Mac that are too large to email (generally over about 30MB):

  • Mail Drop - when enabled, this feature of Apple’s Mail app automatically uploads the attachment to iCloud and sends the recipient a link.
  • iCloud file sharing - sharing files in iCloud Drive enables you to give specific people access or create a link that anyone can use.


Members had a few suggestions for interesting topics to check out:

  • DaveK pointed out that Apple is now producing the Apple News Today podcast.
  • DaveB mentioned the handy tip calculator function built into the Apple Watch Calculator app.
  • DaveB recommended Greyhound and Little Voice, both on Apple TV Plus
  • DaveK showed us Grapher, an app for graphing mathematical functions included with the macOS (found in the Applications/Utilities folder).

DaveK has also published a new beta version of his Crowd Control iOS counter app. Anyone can test the new version via Apple’s free TestFlight app, details can be found on Dave’s web site.