macOS Ventura and M2 Macs

At our 24th June meeting we wrapped up our discussion of WWDC 2022 covering macOS Ventura and the new M2 Mac models. We also talked about Reminders and Calendar, and members shared several topics.

App Development Update

DaveK showed us new features in the iOS app he’s currently developing. You can find details of Dave’s currently available Mac and iOS apps on the Zenopolis web site.

Reminders and Calendar

Robert gave a quick tutorial on using the Reminders and Calendar apps on iOS in response to a member’s question at a previous meeting.

WWDC 2022

We discussed some of Apple’s announcements from their packed World Wide Developers conference presentation covering mostly macOS Ventura and the new M2 Macs at this meeting. The features that caused the most discussion were:

  • Stage Manager which offers a new method of app and window organisation.
  • Continuity Camera, allowing a recent iPhone (XR or later) to be used wirelessly as a high quality Mac webcam.
  • The system requirements which specify a Mac models from 2017 or later.
  • The new M2 chip powered MacBook Air and 13 inch MacBook Pro.

Apple have a preview page summarising the new features in macOS Ventura.

Member topics

  • DaveK demonstrated using Look Around in Apple Maps to follow public footpaths in central London.
  • Dave also pointed out an impressive Tweeted video showing the new RoomPlan Swift API demo app mapping out the 3D plan of a room.
  • DavidB recommended the DuckDuckGo iOS app and Safari extension for more private web browsing.
  • He also recommended the video RIP Passwords by Rene Ritchie which discusses the Passkeys feature being introduced in the new Apple OS versions.
  • Denesh talked about email address plus notation available with certain email providers; an easy way to use a unique email address with a specific contact.
  • He also mentioned the new Apple dual USB-C chargers and how unfortunately the folding model does not come in a UK plug version.