Tips, News and More

At our 8th of July meeting Robert shared some tips for macOS and iOS, we discussed recent Apple news and members shared some interesting topics and suggestions.

Mac and iOS Tips

Robert shared some tips he’d recently found for macOS and iOS:


  • Clicking the Display and Sound areas in the Control Centre displays more options for example allowing dark mode to be toggled and changing the audio output device.
  • Select a file and press Return on the keyboard to start renaming, a more reliable alternative to pausing and clicking a second time.


  • You can teach Siri how to pronounce names and give people nicknames. PCMag (for some reason) have a comprehensive article on these features.
  • Tap at the top of the screen in the photos library to go straight to your oldest photos.
  • You can hide photos in your Photos library by choosing share and then Hide from the menu.
  • In the Clock app, set a timer and choose to stop playing when it ends. This works as a sleep timer with all media apps.
  • The iPhone Phone app has a setting to silence all unknown callers, sending them straight to voice mail.
  • In App Store settings, you can disable in-app rating prompts.
  • Scan documents directly to a storage location (such as iCloud Drive) in the Files app. This feature is on the 3 dots menu at the top right of the app.
  • Use search in the App Library to see an alphabetical list of all the apps you have installed on your device.
  • The Music app has a Sound Check option in settings, this equalises the volume on music played in the Music app.

Some of these tips came from the macOS and iOS tips articles on Teckers.


We discussed some recent Apple news:

Member topics

  • DavidB had been experiencing battery problems with his Apple Watch series 2 but told us that he found unpairing the watch, reinstalling the OS and switching off background apps greatly improved its battery life.
  • David recommended checking out the clips from Avatar: the way of water which are now available.
  • He also recommended Trying on Apple TV+, the third season will be released soon.
  • DaveK had watched The Undeclared War on Channel 4 but did not recommend it!
  • Ben had been experiencing problems with some emails he sent from his own domain getting bounced. We discussed EMail validation options which can be improve email delivery reliability.
  • Elliott talked about some problems with Apple Maps on a recent journey. We discussed Apple maps and found that most members who’d used it recently had had good experiences.

Wickford & Runwell Parish Arts and Cultural Events

Ann-Kay mentioned that the new Team Rector of Wickford & Runwell Parish is organising arts and cultural events. Here are the details:

The first of these events will be a concert by the Choir of St Martin-in-theFields on Sunday 17th July. Details are available on the parish web site and there is also a flyer for the concert.

Following the concert, there will be a gathering on Friday 22 July at 7.00 pm - an opportunity to hear about plans for a regular Arts-based event at St Andrew’s Wickford including exhibitions, performances, lectures and services. There will also be the opportunity to see the hidden painting (‘Descent from the Cross’ by David Folley), hear a composition inspired by the Beatitudes in a video using imagery from St Andrew’s (Ann-Kay’s Blessed), and a short poetry reading.