Hints and Suggestions

Happy New Year everyone! At our first meeting of the year, held on the 7th January, we had a range of hints and suggestions. These included a number related to Shortcuts on both iOS and Mac. As usual, we also discussed a number of topics and questions from members.

Hints and Suggestions

Robert had been looking at some of the hints and tips for new Apple users posted over the holiday period. There were some good ones even for seasoned Apple veterans! He picked out these from Mac Rumors’ Tips and Tricks for New iPhone 13 Owners list:

  • Checking the warranty, support and Apple Care status of your iPhone or iPad in the About section of Settings.
  • Creating an Automation Shortcut to automatically switch on Low Power mode when your battery drains to a set percentage (avoiding the normal prompt).
  • Using Siri contextual sharing by saying Hey Siri, Share this with [name] to share the current item in an app (such as link to an Apple Music song). If the app doesn’t support sharing, Siri will offer to send a screenshot.

DaveK talked about a couple of cool Shortcuts he’d setup on the Mac:

  • One to copy files or folders from a set location on one Mac to another and then back again with just a couple of clicks.
  • Another to export an iTunes playlist as CSV data that can then be pasted into Numbers as a spreadsheet.

Member topics

  • DaveK mentioned using Keyboard Settings to control the keyboard backlight on his MacBook Air.
  • He recommended the app Mouse Hider (available cheaply on the Mac App Store) which can hide the mouse pointer after a period of inactivity. Useful when watching video in apps which don’t support this feature natively.
  • Ann-Kay mentioned the interface design of Logic Pro and we talked about skeuomorphism which seems to be particularly popular with audio plug-ins (resembling physical audio equipment).
  • Ben recommended the Apple Support app for checking the warranty and support coverage of your Apple products and getting assistance.
  • Ben mentioned a recently reported issue with UK bank holidays not being shown in Calendar. Mac Rumors has an article on this issue which includes a work-around of adding a bank holiday calendar provided by the UK government.
  • Denesh mentioned using iCloud+ with personal domain email addresses.