Apple 2022

At this meeting, held on the 21st of January, we looked forward to Apple in 2022 and talked about some of the rumoured and speculated products that might be introduced. Members also shared a variety of tips, news and recommendations.

Apple 2022

We talked about what we might expect from Apple in 2022 including:

  • New 27” iMacs with miniLED display and M1Pro/Max chips replacing the current 27” Intel machines.
  • Higher-end Mac mini models with M1Pro/Max chips and perhaps a new design.
  • For the Mac Pro, an updated Intel version and perhaps also a smaller Apple Silicon model.
  • The possibility of a stand-alone Apple AR/VR headset. During the discussion the Meta (previously Oculus) Quest headset, the 1995 film Hackers and the 90’s Arcade VR system Virtuality were mentioned.

The discussion was prompted by the Mac Rumors article What to Expect from Apple in 2022. Note that all of the above is currently speculation.

Member topics

  • DavidB suggested new shows on Apple TV+, Fraggle Rock and Servant season 3 and the film The Tragedy of Macbeth. A making-of documentary, Creating the Tragedy of Macbeth is available too.
  • He also mentioned that on iOS you can hold the mute button during a call to put it on hold (this will mute the speaker as well as your microphone).
  • And the recently added live video feature in Keynote which allows the presenter to show a camera feed (such as a webcam showing themselves) within their slides while presenting.
  • DaveK mentioned a Safari bug that can allow web sites to access your recent browsing activity. has a demo page that illustrates the issue. Apple is reportedly working on a fix .
  • Denesh asked about member’s backup strategies and particularly the use of iCloud and Time Machine. Apple have a page on Mac Backup options that may be helpful in laying out the options available.