Library Apps and Much More

At our 23rd July meeting DaveK showed us apps from Essex Libraries that offer free loans of ebooks, audio books and magazines. He also gave us an update on his app and some other suggestions.

App Update

DaveK gave us an update on the app he’s developing. The Zenopolis website has information about Dave’s current apps.

Essex Libraries Apps

Dave then showed us the various digital services available from Essex Libraries which allow library members to borrow eBooks, audio books, magazines, comics and newspapers for free and view them on an iPhone or iPad. The service uses these apps:

Essex Libraries has a page on their E-Library services with all the details of how to sign up. If you’re an Essex resident and not a library member you can join online and get a temporary membership to use the services even if you can’t visit a library.


Dave also demonstrated:

  • Laundry lens - an app that recognises and explains the laundry symbols printed on clothes and other washable items.
  • - a web site where you can stream documentaries for free.

Member Suggestions