Hidden Apps & Pixelmator Pro

At our meeting on the 9th of July DavidB gave us a demo of Pixelmator Pro and Robert talked about some of the lesser-known apps included with macOS and iOS.

Pixelmator Pro

DavidB gave us a demo of Pixelmator Pro on Mac concentrating on the ML (machine learning) features to quickly and easily enhance photos. He used the example of replacing a dull sky and reflections in a photo with something more dramatic.

Pixelmator Pro is available on the Mac App Store. Note that Pixelmator Classic is also available but has now been superseded by Pro.

“Hidden” Apps

Robert highlighted some potentially useful apps included with macOS and iOS which may fly under the radar for some users. He mentioned:

  • Mac
  • Font Book
  • Digital Colour Meter
  • Photo Booth
  • Grapher
  • Chess
  • iOS
  • Compass
  • Measure
  • Tips

In addition to these, during the discussion Ben suggested Magnifier and Denesh mentioned the Stocks app.

Apple have a full list of apps included with macOS with links to the user guide for each and there is a list of built-in iOS apps on Wikipedia.