Let's get physical, with Pages

Robert gave a presentation on Pages at our August 6th meeting where he showed us how to prepare physical printed items such as cards, covers and labels. We also had lively discussions on a number of topics and members shared some suggestions too.


Robert demonstrated some techniques for preparing physical items for printing from Pages such as cards, labels, book and DVD covers etc. Some of his tips included:

  • Using the built-in templates when they’re available.
  • Fold a sample of the end product then unfold it and use as a reference to get the layout correct.
  • If you are duplicating an existing item such as a label or cover, measure it accurately first.
  • Do a test print after making the layout in Pages. Then adjust the layout to get the sizes just right.
  • Use boxes to mark the layout of each panel making up the item, this allows you to use the smart guides feature to align within each panel.
  • Use the built-in Edit Mask feature on images to size and crop them.

Ben and Denesh pointed out that downloadable templates are available for standard printable label sheets (such as those sold by Avery). For example, these ones from WorldLabel.

Member Suggestions & Topics