The 19th March meeting featured a look at some of the more interesting features of Apple’s Keynote presentation app. There was also lots of interesting discussion and suggestions from members.


Robert showed us some features of Apple’s Keynote presentation app that can be used to make presentations more interesting. Some of the features mentioned included:

  • Adding background music to the whole presentation or individual slides.
  • Adding media to a slide, including the new option to add a web video from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Builds to animate the display of bullet points.
  • Builds and actions can be used to animate objects on a slide.
  • Using Build Order to customise builds and control whether actions are timed or wait for a click.
  • The many slide transition options including the clever Magic Move transition.

Some generally useful features of Keynote mentioned included:

  • Using the Outline view to plan a presentation.
  • The Light table view to review the whole presentation.
  • Customising the toolbar allows you to add your commonly used functions (this is a feature of most Mac apps).

During the discussion it was pointed out that Keynote is a useful tool for making all kinds of media including animated videos and graphics for purposes such as social media and even video conference backgrounds.

This MakeUseOf article covers some of the tips shown and has additional ideas.


  • Robert suggested using the app Grand Perspective to identify large files taking up hard drive space on a Mac.
  • Ben talked about digitising VHS videos into QuickTime on Mac. He is using a UCEC Video Converter.
  • We had a discussion about finding fonts, Ben recommended daFont and Denesh mentioned Google Fonts as good sources.