Exercise, iPhone video and more

At our 2nd April meeting we talked about exercise and a number of topics raised by members.


DaveK talked about his routine of anaerobic and strength exercises. He uses a metronome app set to his target heart rate during the anaerobic portion. For strength exercises he uses the New York Times 7 minute workout saved as an icon on his iPad.

Dave also mentioned he started exercising with the NHS Couch to 5K app.

Denesh talked about his experiences using Apple Fitness+, including the “Mindful Cooldown”.

Member Topics

Liz mentioned a recent scam text message she had received pretending to be from Royal Mail. Details of the scam, which can involve a fake follow-up call proporting to be from the victim’s bank fraud department, are in this This is Money article.

Liz also had problems with disk space being unexpectedly used up on an older Mac running El Capitan. After scanning the drive for large files with Grand Perspective this was diagnosed as a known issue with Mail log files on El Capitan.

Robert had received a question about burning video DVDs from iPhone videos and other options for archiving and playing the videos particularly on older TVs. Toast was recommended as a good DVD burning application. Various archiving options were mentioned, including backup on hard drives and memory sticks, cloud storage and archival M-Disc media.