Member Presentations

At our 5th March meeting we had various presentations from members along with our usual discussion and Q&A.

Birthday Presentation

Liz showed us a Keynote presentation she recently created to celebrate a birthday during lockdown. She was able to share the presentation by exporting it from Keynote as a video.

iOS Tips

DavidB showed us a video of 10 interesting iOS tips including:

  • Blocking app tracking prompts.
  • Controlling app’s access to Photos and the local network.
  • Various uses of the Shortcuts automation feature.

You can watch the video on YouTube.

Finding films on the Internet Archive

DavidK gave us tips for finding films to watch on the Internet Archive. The main steps he suggested are:

  • Use the Internet Archive search on the front page (not the Wayback Machine) and choose “Search metadata”.
  • Switch the results to the list view (icon with 5 lines at the top right of the list).
  • Select “movies” under “Media Type” on the left hand side and then choose to sort the results by “Views”.
  • Scroll down the page so several blocks of results load.
  • Press Command+F to search in the page for the film title.
  • Open possible links in a new tab and review them.
  • When you find a good version of the film, the video can be streamed online or downloaded from the “Download Options” box on the film page. The H.264 or MPEG4 download options are usually best.