Deleting and Uninstalling Mac Apps

At our online meeting on the 19th of February we had a presentation on Deleting and Uninstalling various types of Mac app. There were also lots of handy tips and tricks suggested by members.

Deleting and Uninstalling

Robert explained the process of deleting apps from your Mac, covering apps from the App Store, developer’s web sites and those using an installer. He showed how to find the additional files that some apps leave behind and remove them if you wish.

Several apps to help with uninstallation were mentioned:

Apple have a basic guide to deleting apps but they don’t cover how to remove the additional files.

This Mac World article covers the topic in more detail.


DaveK talked about downloading subtitles for foreign language films from While this site has a wealth of subtitles it also has lots of misleading adverts to be wary of! Dave suggested the free VLC app for iOS and Mac to playback films with subtitles.


  • Ben mentioned that Keynote has the option to export a presentation as a movie. This is especially useful if you need to send a presentation to someone without Keynote.
  • Brian pointed out that in the Finder holding the Option key replaces the “Get Info” menu item with “Show Inspector”. With multiple items selected, the inspector allows you to get information on all the files and folders (such as total size) rather an opening multiple Info windows! You can leave the Inspector open and make different selections to get updated results.
  • Robert discovered that in Mail on iOS there is a setting to send messages from blocked contacts straight to the Bin. This can be found in Settings/Mail/Blocked Sender Options.