Member Topics

At our meeting on Friday 8th January members brought along a number of topics to discuss including troubleshooting Mac performance, the app Nebula color picker, an iMac power problem and replacing the battery in an iPhone SE.

Mac performance

DaveK talked about investigating poor performance on his Mac and some of the steps he took to improve it. These included removing Google Chrome and its Keystone updater which has been linked to unexplained CPU usage by the system process WindowServer. This article on iMore is a good overview of the issue.

Dave also stopped and restarted the Spotlight indexer using the mdutil terminal command.

Nebula color picker

DaveK demonstrated Nebula colour picker an inexpensive iOS app for collecting and identifying colours for use in all kinds of projects. The developer is David Norris, you can follow him on Twitter.

John mentioned a similar app with an AR function called Color Name AR.

iMac power problem

DavidB talked about a problem he had with his iMac suddenly shutting down and how he eventually resolved it. He has made a YouTube video explaining this.

iPhone SE battery replacement

Robert talked about the process of replacing the battery in his first generation iPhone SE. He followed these instructions from iFixit.


  • Elliott recommended the app NexTrain which shows train arrivals formatted to look like station displays.
  • Ben showed us the photo book he had printed by Mimeo. This is the company that previously provided printed photo products for Apple.
  • DavidB noted that macOS 11.1 restores the ability to delete single files from Time Machine.
  • DavidB also mentioned the upcoming Apple TV+ series Dickinson series 2 and Palmer.
  • Wai-On recommended the performance of The Telephone by Scottish Opera available on YouTube.