Apple Silicon

At our Friday 13th November online meeting we discussed Apple’s announcement of the first Apple Silicon Macs.

App Development Update

DaveK gave us his regular update on the app he’s developing. He also mentioned that he’s released a new version of Gallery Grabber, his Mac app for downloading image galleries from web sites. The new version adds a Gallery Queue window.

Apple Silicon

Robert lead a discussion on Apple’s recent reveal of the M1 (the first Apple Silicon chip for Mac) and the 3 new Mac models that use it:

  • 13” MacBook Air
  • Mac mini
  • 12” MacBook Pro

Extreme Tech and AnandTech have detailed articles on the M1 and how it compares with current Intel and AMD chips (based on the information currently available).

Apple have their full presentation available and details of the M1 chip.


DavidB suggested:

  • Servant and Truth be told both on Apple TV+.
  • He pointed out that on the iPhone and iPad the App Store app has a useful Updates option on the context menu (accessed by tapping and holding on the app). This allows you to go straight to the Updates section when the app badge indicates updates are available.