Security Tips and More

The main topic of our online meeting on Friday 30th October was security with advice to help keep Apple devices safe. We also talked about recent Apple news including the HomePod mini.

App Development Update

DaveK gave us his regular update on the app he’s developing. The Zenopolis website has information about Dave’s current apps.

Security Tips

Robert shared a number tips on good security practice which, along with the protections built into macOS and iOS, can help keep your Apple devices secure. Topics included:

  • Types of malware and how they are spread.
  • Recommended sources for apps (the App Store or trusted developer’s web sites).
  • Dealing with prompts for upgrades, the administrator password and permissions (camera, microphone, folder etc.).
  • Receiving files as email and message attachments.
  • Ways to check websites are genuine before downloading files or sharing personal information.

Apple have details of the built-in security protections in macOS and their App Store page explains some of the benefits of getting apps there.

DaveK mentioned that, by default, Safari shows only the domain of the website you’re visiting (rather than the full address) so it’s easier to confirm you’re on the genuine site. If you’ve disabled this feature at some point and want to re-enable it, untick the “Show full website address” option in Safari Preferences/Advanced.

Apple News

We discussed some recent Apple news:


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