App Development and Sensei

At the February meeting (held on Friday the 14th) DaveK gave us an update on his work as an independent Apple app developer and Robert demonstrated a new Mac cleaning and optimisation app, Sensei.

App Developments

DaveK brought us up to speed on his work as an independent Apple app developer.

For those looking to get started with coding, he demonstrated Apple’s free Swift Playgrounds which is available on iPad and now Mac as well. This app introduces coding using a series of puzzles which you write code to solve.

The XCode development environment also has a playgrounds feature which enables developers to easily experiment and test code, Dave showed us how this is different from Swift Playgrounds.

Dave then went on to show us the status of Gallery Grabber QED, his Mac app for downloading images from web galleries. In particular he showed us how he has been translating the app into different languages, a process he has also described in a series of blog articles.

Finally, Dave got feedback from the group on a number of ideas he has for future projects.


Robert demonstrated Sensei, a new Mac app with cleaning, performance optimisation and system monitoring features. Some of the uses he showed were:

  • Controling items that run automatically at startup (such as apps and background processes).
  • Completely uninstalling unwanted apps including their associated files.
  • Finding and removing unneeded files to free up disk space.
  • Monitoring the health and performance of hard disks and SSDs.
  • Viewing system temperature and fan performance.

Sensei can be downloaded for free from the developer’s web site, there is a 14 day free trial period.

iPhone Setup

A member had just received an iPhone 7, upgrading from an iPhone 4. We helped him get it setup including advice on enabling two-factor authentication on his Apple ID and the initial setup process.

News Discussion

We discussed the month’s Apple news including: