Hints, Tips & AGM

The January meeting was held on Friday the 10th and included SEAL’s annual general meeting. After the AGM Robert shared some hints and tips for Mac and iOS.


During the AGM the Chairman and Treasurer gave reports on the club’s activities and finances during 2019. We then held the committee election which resulted in the existing committee Ben, DavidK, Mick and Robert being re-elected. Thanks to all the committee members for standing and their service during the last year. We also had a useful discussion about plans for the coming year.

Hints & Tips


Robert showed how this handy free application can be used to remove potentially personal meta data information such as location, dates and camera details from PNG and JPEG images before posting them online. It can also reduce the size of images without affecting their quality (or make them even smaller with optional lossy compression which may reduce their quality slightly). ImageOptim can be downloaded from the developer’s web site.

Controlling Finder Views

In the Finder on the Mac, folder contents can be displayed in different views such as icon, list and column. Robert had noticed that some folders seem to keep their selected view while others don’t and wondered why this was. The key to the problem turned out to be the options “Always open in … view” and “Browse in … view” in the view options accessed using the “Show View Options” in the Finder’s “View” menu. More details on these options can be found in Apple’s help article.

Moving While Selecting in Graphics Programs

In many situations when using graphics programs such as PhotoShop, Pixelmator and even the Mac’s built-in screenshot function you need to drag out a rectangular selection. One problem with this is that it’s easy to start the selection from the wrong point and have the re-do it to move the first corner.

Robert saw a handy tip on Twitter pointing out that in fact you can hold the space bar on the keyboard to move an already started selection. When the corner is in the right place, release space to continue resizing. Very handy!

iOS Low Data Mode

iOS 13 has a new option to reduce mobile and/or WiFi data usage by the OS and apps if you’re in a situation where you have a data cap (for example if your monthly mobile data allowance is about to run out). Apple have a help article explaining how it works.

News Discussion

In our news discussion we talked about: