Group Messages & TestFlight

At the March meeting (held on Friday the 13th) we chatted about Group Messages and DaveK demonstrated the TestFlight app.

Group Messages

Robert lead a discussion on the Group Messages feature of Apple’s Messages app which allows multiple people to be invited to a discussion. The group can then be named, and members can choose if they want notifications from the group or to leave if they’re no longer interested.

Apple have a support article on Group Messages.

Test Flight

DaveK demonstrated TestFlight, an Apple iOS app which allows you to accept invitations from developers to test their work-in-progress apps and provide feedback before they are available in the App Store.

News Discussion

The coronavirus currently affecting the world was a hot topic at the meeting. We discussed Apple’s response including making this year’s WWDC a digital event, and the advice they published on cleaning iPhones, keyboards and mice.

We also talked about: