iPad Multitasking, iCloud Drive and More

The June meeting was held on Friday the 10th. Robert demonstrated the iPad multitasking features on his iPad Pro and also showed using iCloud Drive to make documents available on all your Apple devices.

We also discussed the month’s Apple news and shared various hints and tips.

iPad Multitasking

Robert demonstrated the multitasking options available on the iPad using his iPad Pro 9.7 these are:

Slide Over which allows you to quickly view another app, for example to check e-mail, instant messages or a web site. Slide over works on the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later.

Split View extends slide over allowing two applications to run simultaneously sharing the screen. This makes it easy to take notes or look up references as you work. Split view needs an iPad Air 2, mini 4 or later.

Picture in Picture lets a video continue playing while you use other apps, it works on the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 or later.

Apple have more details on these multitasking features.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive can be used to store any type of document and make them available on all your Apple devices. Robert showed how he uses iCloud Drive to access documents from his iPad and how different types of documents and files are handled.

The Apple support article on iCloud Drive has more information.


Duck Duck Go is an alternative search engine that doesn’t track your searches. You can set it as your default search in many browsers including Safari and Firefox.

Ad blocking extensions for Safari are available in recent versions of iOS and Mac OS X. DavidK gave a presentation about these at a SEAL meeting last year, further details are in the November 2015 meeting report.

The MacRumors buyers guide can be a useful resource if you’re thinking about buying a new Apple product. It highlights when products were last updated and can help you avoid buying something that’s about to be replaced.

In Safari on the iPad and iPhone you can search for text within a web page from the bottom of the search results but also from the share button. On the share button, use the use the “More” option in the bottom row to move the “Find on page” icon to a more convenient location.

DavidB mentioned that the popular website petrolprices.com now has an app which can show you the cheapest petrol stations close to your location.


Our news discussion covered: