WWDC, 3D Touch and TV Tune Up

The July meeting was held on Friday the 8th. We talked about Apple’s announcements at WWDC, Ben demonstrated 3D touch on the iPhone 6s and DaveK showed how to tune up your TV with the help of an iOS app.


Apple held its annual World Wide Developer conference in June. During the Keynote presentation new versions of macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS were announced. We discussed the changes and what we’re looking forward to.

You can watch the keynote presentation on Apple’s site. Also on that page are links to summaries of the new features in each OS.

3D Touch

Ben demonstrated 3D Touch, the pressure sensitive touch features that Apple introduced with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. 3D Touch adds several convenient features accessed by new touch gestures that take into account how firmly you press on the screen. Examples he showed included Quick Action menus on app icons on the home screen, “peeking” at content in web links, e-mails and images and pressure sensitive drawing in Notes. A particularly useful feature is accessed by pressing on the keyboard which turns it into a trackpad allowing you to position the cursor in text much more easily.

Apple have an information page covering the 3D Touch features and more are coming in iOS 10 announced at WWDC.

TV Tune Up

DaveK told us he’s recently bought at new TV and wanted to set it up for best picture quality in his living room. To help do this, Dave used the THX Tune-up app which is available for free from the iOS app store.

To use the app you have to connect your iOS device (Dave used an iPad) to your TV either through Air Play via an Apple TV or using a cable. Once connected, the app walks you through the process of setting up your TV’s picture settings (using the TV remote control) to get the best picture quality. It does this by showing test cards for each type of setting (such as brightness or contrast) and advising how they should be set. THX Tune-up also provides sample images so you can check your settings.

Once you’ve been through and adjusted all the TV picture settings, Dave suggested going back and doing a final check as some of the settings interact with each other. Dave told us he found a noticeable improvement in picture quality after changing his TV settings.