Handoff and Safari Shortcuts

The May meeting was held on Friday the 13th. Ben and Denesh demonstrated using the Mac and iOS feature Handoff to seamlessly move from working on one device (for example a Mac) to another (like an iPhone).

DaveK then gave us some helpful tips on storing and organising Internet links in Safari.


Ben and Denesh explained and demonstrated the Handoff feature introduced with Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. This allows you to seamlessly move from working on one device to another if you’re using a supported application. For example you could start composing an e-mail on your Mac and then continue it on your iPhone if you have to leave.

They also showed the mobile phone call continuity features that allow you to answer calls made to your iPhone on a Mac or iPad which is on the same Wifi network or on your Apple Watch.

Apple has a support document explaining how Handoff and call continuity work and another which lists the supported Macs and iOS devices.

Safari Shortcuts

DaveK showed us a number of ways you can store and organise saved web links within Safari and elsewhere. He covered:

  • Safari bookmarks, favorites and the favorites bar.
  • Adding rich web links to Notes in the Notes app which allows additional context to be added.
  • Favourites, bookmarks and notes will be available in Safari on all your devices if you use iCloud syncing.
  • Top Sites in Safari on the Mac.
  • Web location files that can be saved into folders.
  • On iOS, saving a web link to the home screen. For some sites this creates a stand-alone application.


Our news discussion covered: