Producing Internet Radio

The April meeting was held on Friday the 8th. Elliott gave the main presentation and showed us how he uses his Mac to produce his weekly Radio show.

Updated 10th April: full details and links added.

Here are more details, including how to listen to Elliott’s show:

How I Use My Mac: Elliott

Elliott showed us how he uses his Mac mini along with a USB mixer and microphone to host and produce a weekly 2 hour Internet radio show “The Weekend Show” on QMR TWO (details of how to listen are below). He produces both live and pre-recorded versions of the show and went through the process for each. Among the applications he mentioned were:

  • Radiologik - this is the main application used to produce the show. It is designed for music radio and can import playlists of tracks from iTunes.
  • Audio Hijack 3 - for pre-recordeding editions of the show to an MP3 file.
  • Fission - for editing of the resulting recording if required.
  • Nicecast - for broadcasting live editions of the show as a Shoutcast stream via the QMR servers.

The mixer and microphone Elliott uses is the Behringer PODCASTUDIO USB.

Elliott recommended the book Essential Radio Skills by Peter Stewart to anyone looking to get into radio or podcasting.

How to listen to Elliott’s show

The Weekend Show” runs from 10:00 to 12:00 every Saturday morning on Internet station QMR TWO.

You can listen live:

  • On the QMR page in your web browser.
  • Via iTunes on the Mac in Internet Radio. Look for QMR TWO under Adult Contemporary (Apple has a support document about playing Internet Radio through iTunes).
  • Using an Internet Radio app on your iOS device, Elliott recommended TuneIn Radio which is free to download.


Our discussion of the month’s Apple news covered: