Passwords and Keychain

At our 10th February meeting, we talked about password storage and management across Apple devices and how this relates to Keychain. Members also discussed a number of topics.

App Development Update

DaveK showed us his progress on the iOS app he’s currently developing. You can find details of Dave’s currently available Mac and iOS apps on the Zenopolis web site.

Passwords and Keychain

Robert talked about saving and managing passwords on Mac and iOS. Account login details can be viewed and managed in:

  • System Settings/Passwords
  • Safari Preferences/Passwords

Passwords are saved in your Keychain and kept in sync between your devices if you have iCloud Keychain enabled. You can view your account entries in Keychain Access on the Mac but Robert advised it’s better to manage them in System Settings or Safari.

He demonstrated how to setup the built-in authentication code generator for sites that use two factor authentication. This replaces a separate code generator app like Google Authenticator or Authy.

Apple have support pages about Password management and Keychain. Mac World have an article on setting up verification codes for two factor authentication.

DaveK suggested this Passwords shortcut to make Passwords pane of System Settings readily available from your home screen or Mac menu bar.

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