Apple's January Announcements

At our January 27th meeting we talked about Apple’s recent announcements including the M2 MacBook Pros, M2 Mac minis and new HomePod. DaveK showed us some apps now available for the Mastodon social media service and members shared other topics.

Apple January Announcements

We talked about the recent Apple announcements including:

Mastodon Apps

DaveK showed us some of the apps now available for the Mastodon federated social media network.

  • Metatext - Free, opensource iOS Mastodon client.
  • Mammoth - Available for testing via Test Flight.
  • Ivory - A Mastodon client from tapbots, the makers of Tweetbot.
  • Awesome Mastodon - A curated list of Mastodon related stuff including apps.


We discussed:

Member Topics