DaVinci Resolve

We had a demo of DaVinci Resolve at our meeting on the 13th of May. Robert gave his initial impressions of the powerful Mac video editing application. We also talked about the Apple news and members shared some suggestions.

DaVinci Resolve

Robert concentrated on the editing mode in his presentation. He showed importing media, assembling clips on the time line and adding transitions, effects and titles. He also demonstrated how the keyframe feature can be used to change and animate effects over time.

While the free version of Resolve is very powerful it is missing some effects and features. Beginners Approach have a useful list of the effects available for free.

For those interested in learning more, the developer has tutorials on their website. Robert also mentioned Casey Faris on YouTube who has lots of DaVinci Resolve videos including a series summarising Resolve features in 5 minutes each.

DaVinci Resolve is available in free and paid versions from the Blackmagicdesign website and the Mac App Store.


We discussed recent Apple news including:

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