News, Apple Self Service Repair and Tips

At our 29th April meeting we talked about recent Apple news and looked in some depth at Apple’s recently announced Self Repair Service. Robert shared some useful keyboard shortcuts and members mentioned many different topics.


We discussed recent Apple news including:

Apple Self Service Repair

Apple has launched a self service repair for recent iPhone models in the US. Robert showed the repair manuals available and how users can order official parts and tools from Apple. It’s also possible to rent a comprehensive (and large) repair tool kit with everything you need. The heated display removal fixture is shown in the image at the top of this article.


Robert passed on some useful Mac keyboard shortcuts:

  • Option+function key to open the system preferences associated with that key. For example pressing Option and one of the volume keys opens Sound preferences.
  • Press Option and click the window close (red) button to close all windows for an app.
  • Hold Command, press Tab and then release both to switch to the previous app. Repeat to switch back to the first app. Useful when comparing or copying between apps.
  • Hold command down and tap Tab to display icons for all open applications, when the desired app is highlighted, release Command to switch to it. Ben pointed out that these shortcuts work when apps are in different spaces which is a particular time saver.
  • When editing text, press Option+Delete to delete a whole word and Command+Delete to delete to the end of the line. Option/Command+Backspace deletes the previous word or to the start of the line.

Member topics