iOS 15 Tips & a Mac mini Dock

With iOS 15 available for a while, members had a wealth of handy tips and new features to point out at our 15th October meeting. Robert also talked about a new Dock he got for his Mac mini and members shared other topics.

Mac mini Dock

Robert recently got a USB-C dock with hard drive bay for his M1 Mac mini. He talked about some of the options available, how he made his choice and his first impressions of the Elecife USB C Hub with Hard Drive Enclosure he decided on.

iOS 15 Tips

Several members shared some of the new handy features and improvements they’ve found in iOS 15 including:

  • Selecting the home screens to be available when in Focus mode.
  • The option to rearrange and delete home screens.
  • The much improved weather app including the map feature showing temperature, precipitation and more.
  • The precipitation notification feature also in the weather app.
  • Copy links for a tab group in Safari.
  • The new Quick Note feature on iPad.
  • The background sounds feature in Accessibility.
  • Spotlight search from the lock screen.
  • Viewing EXIF data in photos.
  • How to hide content a Messages conversation from “Shared with You”.

DaveK pointed out this Twitter post with a video showing the use of drag and drop between apps in iOS 15 on the iPhone.

One of the new features we discussed was the option to change text size on an individual app basis (for example to make text larger in a particular app only). While this is useful, DaveK pointed out that it may not work for some apps that don’t follow Apple’s recommended development methods. As an example, Dave had tried to increase the text size in language learning app Duolingo and found that the only place the text size increased was in the system Copy, Paste etc. options shown when editing text as illustrated below:

Mac Rumors has a comprehensive roundup of iOS 15 Tips and Tricks.

Member topics

  • Liz asked about WhatsApp on iOS automatically saving images automatically to the photo library. Robert pointed out an article from iGeeksBlog explaining how to turn this off.
  • DavidB recommended the Apple podcast Upgrade with Myke Hurley and Jason Snell. They do extra podcasts in the lead up to Apple events. The most recent episode is talking about the upcoming “Unleashed” event and they have published their predictions as score cards.
  • Ben recommended the Anozer tripod mount for iPhones available from Amazon at a reasonable price.
  • Ann-Kay recommended the series Seqalu: Formosa 1867 a historical drama available on YouTube about Taiwan’s indigenous people, settlers from mainland China, and westerners.
  • There was some discussion of the current political context around Taiwan, DaveK found this short summary video from the BBC.
  • DaveK mentioned the film Cat People (1942) avalilable on
  • DaveK found a bug at home and identified it as the larve of a harlequin ladybird.