iOS & iPadOS 15

iOS and iPadOS 15 had been released for all users a few days before our 1st October meeting so we took a look at some of the new features in action.

iOS & iPadOS 15

Robert demonstrated some of the new features in iOS and iPadOS 15 including:

  • Web-based FaceTime allowing calls to any device with a compatible web browser.
  • Notification Summary and Focus.
  • System-wide Translation.
  • iPad multitasking changes including the multitasking menu, shelf for multiple windows and multitasking manager. Apple Insider has a useful article covering these changes.
  • Drag and Drop can now be used between apps.

DaveK pointed out that widgets can now be added to he iPad home screen and that iPadOS now features the App Library.

Apple have pages detailing the new features in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Mac Rumors has guides and how tos for many of the new features.

Robert then showed the changes in Safari 15 which is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac:

  • Optional new “Compact Tab Bar” design.
  • Tab groups with syncing between devices.
  • Option to view tabs in a grid view.
  • Pull down to refresh sites.
  • Website tinting, where the Safari interface reflects the background colour of the site.
  • Customisable start page is now available on iOS and well as macOS.

Here is Mac Rumors’ article on the Safari 15 changes including the options to customise them.

Member topics

  • Liz and Robert talked about using macOS Big Sur on an unsupported Mac mini using Patched Sur. Note that at the time of writing the download is (hopefully temporarily) unavailable.
  • Robert recommended the book Midnight in Chernobyl which is available in eBook form from Essex Libraries.
  • The dietary supplement Glucosamine was mentioned and Robert pointed out that information is available from the British National Formulary.