Podcasts App and iOS 11

At the November meeting, held on the 10th, we got our first look at the iPhone X. DaveK showed us how to navigate the redesigned Podcasts app and Robert demoed some new features in iOS 11.

iPhone X

Two members brought along their new iPhone Xs so we got to see their design, brilliant Super Retina OLED displays and Face ID in action. The new owners had very positive early impressions of the new phone.

Podcasts App

Apple have redesigned the Podcasts app in iOS 11 giving it a new organisation. DaveK took us through the changes giving tips on good ways to find podcasts, play individual episodes, subscribe to podcast shows and configure the app to your liking.

Apple have a support article for the Podcasts app.

iOS 11

iOS 11 released in September with a host of new features, many targeted at the iPad. Robert demonstrated some of the ones he’s found most useful on his iPad Pro:

  • Persistent dock.
  • Files app.
  • Drag and Drop (drag and drop of text and some other elements within apps also works on the iPhone).
  • Redesigned app switcher.
  • Easily type numbers and punctuation by flicking down on the keyboard.

He also covered some general iOS 11 features:

  • Notes document scanning.
  • Customising Control Centre.
  • Screenshot annotations.
  • Screen recording.
  • Built-in QR code recognition.

DaveK demonstrated the clever level feature that’s available for the camera if you switch on the grid.

Mac Rumors has a page summarising all the new features of iOS 11.

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