macOS Sierra and AirDrop

The October meeting was held on Friday the 14th. We took a look at some of the new features in the just-released macOS Sierra and had a demo of AirDrop, a handy way to transfer links, files and other items between Apple devices.

iTunes Tips

DaveK gave us some tips on using iTunes on the Mac:

  • Deselecting the new “Add songs to Library when adding to playlists” option in Preferences allows you to add songs from Apple Music to playlists without their albums cluttering your library.
  • It’s possible to trim songs in iTunes to skip a beginning and/or ending you don’t like.
  • Stop a track from being played in shuffle mode by selecting “Skip when shuffling” in the Options tab of the track info window.

macOS Sierra

Robert showed some of the new features of the recently released macOS Sierra concentrating on Siri and storage optimisation.


Robert and DaveK demonstrated using the built-in AirDrop feature to transfer links and files between Macs and iOS devices which are close by. This handy feature can be used between your own devices and also with other people and requires almost no setup. Apple has a support article on using AirDrop.

App Recommendations

DavidB told us about My Contacts Backup, an app that will backup the contacts on your iOS device and send them to you via e-mail. The .vcf file it sends can then be read by most contacts applications.


We also discussed the month’s Apple news including: