iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 and iOS 10

The September meeting was held on Friday the 9th. We discussed Apple’s big announcements from their “See you on the 7th” event including the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch series 2. We also took a look at some of the new features in iOS 10 which will be released on Tuesday the 13th.

iPhone 7 Event

Members chatted about the news from Apple’s “See you on the 7th” event including:

The Apple Watch series 2 which can now be worn while swimming along with upgraded hardware and a new slick ceramic version.

The iPhone 7 with a new seamless design, water resistance, enhanced performance and a dual lens camera on the 7 Plus. A particular area of interest was the removal of the headphone jack and Apple’s introduction of the wireless AirPod headphones.

Other announcements included Super Mario Run, the first Nintendo game on iOS and real-time collaboration on documents in the iWork applications.

iOS 10

We took a look at some of the new features in iOS 10, in particular:

  • The new lock screen design with easy access to widgets for many built-in and third party applications.
  • The new magnifier feature that lets you use your device as a magnifying glass with many powerful features including variable zoom and colour enhancements (to make text easier to read). The Magnifier can be turned on from the Accessibility settings.

App Recommendations

DavidB mentioned the following apps for members to check out:

  • Mindnode - an elegant utility for collecting ideas in a mind map.
  • Klocki - a mind-bending puzzle game.
  • Tinycards - a utility that allows you to create and share flash cards.


We also discussed: