iTunes, Photos and Apple Watch

This meeting was held on Friday, 8th May, 2015. Discussion covered an introduction to iTunes, the new Photos app and the Apple Watch.


At this meeting we had some new members attending so DavidK demonstrated the basics of iTunes and answered their questions.


David then moved on to Photos and gave an introduction to the new Photos app which replaces iPhoto in Mac OS 10.10.3. He covered various ways of “upgrading” to Photos and mentioned that having an iPhoto and Photos version of the same library does not require extra disk space. He also showed how to view a collection of images on a map and showed some of the editing tools.

For those looking for more information, David recommended the iMore article How to use Photos for OS X: The ultimate guide.

Apple Watch

Mick arrived with his Apple Watch, and demonstrated features such as Siri, notifications and its use as an iPhone camera remote.


The news discussion included:

  • Apple Watch availability, reviews and unofficial sales figures.
  • Apple’s record profits and sales.
  • Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) confirmed for June 8th-12th 2015.
  • Apple’s purchase of camera tech company LinX.
  • New versions of Safari with security fixes.