Report December 2014

The December SEAL meeting was held on Friday the 12th of December 2014. As this was the last meeting before Christmas, members brought various festive foods which were enjoyed by everyone. Thanks to all who contributed.


During the news section we discussed Apple’s Best of iTunes 2014, this included the brain training app Elevate. DaveK downloaded Elevate and gave an impromptu demonstration of the initial evaluation.

Apple Quiz

Robert then held an Apple quiz with questions from across Apple’s history and products. For the second year running Ben scored the most points with his encyclopaedic knowledge of Apple history.

Ben also brought along two colourful clamshell iBooks from his collection to show us. Interestingly these older Macs can still run OS X up to 10.4 Tiger.

MacBook Pro Memory Upgrade

Mick brought along his MacBook Pro for help with a memory upgrade. Upgrading to 8GB from the 2GB he had using DIMMs from Crucial was straightforward, simply requiring the bottom case to be unscrewed (Apple provides clear instructions). After the upgrade a performance improvement was immediately noticeable with applications loading much faster.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at SEAL!