Report October 2014: CameraBag and Recording Vinyl Albums

The October SEAL meeting was held on Friday the 10th of October 2014.

iPhone 6

DavidB brought along his new iPhone 6 so SEAL members were able to take a look at the latest model with its new larger screen and smooth rounded design and compare it to other member’s older iPhone models.


Ben gave us a demonstration of CameraBag an inexpensive photo editing application that can apply a wide range of filters to photos. A grid showing the effect of all the available filters on the current image allows you to easily pick one to apply. Each filter is editable to fine tune or completely change its effect and custom filters can be saved and shared with friends. CameraBag is available on the Mac App Store and also as a iOS App for the iPhone and iPad.

Recording Vinyl Albums

Mick had recently purchased a USB turntable similar to this one to transfer some Vinyl albums into a digital format on his Mac. The turntable didn’t come with specific Mac software but they did supply Audacity, a free and Open Source audio editor. At the meeting SEAL members helped Mick set-up the turntable and work out how to record from it in Audacity. This included choosing the correct audio input, setting the levels appropriately to avoid clipping and exporting as MP3 (which requires installing the separate LAME MP3 encoder).

Here’s a YouTube video from a different USB turntable manufacturer explaining the set-up and recording process:

Using Audacity you can also record one side of an album in one go and then later split it into tracks. The procedure is explained in this You Tube video:


Our news discussion covered the following items:

  • Apple begins enforcing App-specific passwords for users who use two-factor authentication on the Apple IDs.
  • The Apple Check Activation Lock Status tool allows you to check if a secondhand iPhone is activation locked (and therefore potentially stolen).
  • Apple’s new Privacy site explains their policies and protections.