February 2013 Meeting Report

The February meeting built on the changes discussed and initiated in the January meeting and was the first full meeting planned by the Programme Committee.

The evening started off with Apple related news and discussion. News items consisted of:

  • Release of the 128GB iPad
  • Sales of Mac Pro to stop in Europe on 1 March
  • 60% of all iOS devices (300Million) now running iOS 6
  • iOS 6.1 released
  • Apple TV 5.2 update with features such as iTunes in the Cloud, Bluetooth keyboard and AirPlay audio for video
  • 25 Billion songs having been sold through iTunes
  • Premier of JOBS film starring Ashton Kutcher
  • The Max OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) ‘File : / / /‘ (without spaces) crash bug [link]

Next up was a Tips & Tricks presentation by club Chairman Robert, on Apple’s feature set (since Max OS X 10.7 - Lion) known as “Auto Save and Versions”. This feature set has confused many a Mac user, especially as the introduction of these coincided with the removal of ‘Save As…’ and implementation of ‘Duplicate’ in the ‘Edit’ menu of various applications (such as Pages).

Robert explained and demonstrated the benefits of the feature - mainly the auto-saving of documents being worked on, and the ability to choose previous versions of the document from within the application. Other tricks shown included how to invoke ‘Save As…’ via a keyboard shortcut and how to add it back into the ‘Edit’ menu for those that wanted it back.

The second presentation of the night was given by club member and SEAL website strategist and designer David. He gave a walkthrough of the new website, showing it’s clean look and simplicity, yet with all information needed available from the front page. He showed the different social media channels, along with the tutorial video he had produced about screenshots (published in the SEAL YouTube channel). David further explained the website being the main hub for all information from the club and how all new information was going to be cross-posted on to the various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). Club members and anyone interested are encouraged to ‘share’ and ‘like’ information from the website via the social media tools on the site.

The night closed with the interactive Q&A section - attendees helping each other by answering questions posed to them by other attendees.

The next SEAL meeting will be on Friday 8 March.