Tips & Tricks: Screen Capture

The first of our tutorials is about Screen Capture on Mac OS X.

Mac OS X has always made it easy to capture a screen shot (an image of your computer desktop or window), however most people do not have an idea of how to achieve this.

We thus have a video demonstration (kindly recorded by club member David), showing two different ways of achieving this:

  1. Using the Capture application
  2. Using capture shortcut keys.

Uses of a screen capture:
From Wikipedia: Screenshots can be used to demonstrate a program, a particular problem a user might be having, or generally when display output needs to be shown to others or archived. For example, after being emailed a screenshot, a Web page author might be surprised to see how his page looks on a different Web browser and can take corrective action. Likewise with differing email software programs, (particularly such as in a cell phone, tablet, etc.,) a sender might have no idea how his email looks to others until he sees a screenshot from another computer and can (hopefully) tweak his settings appropriately.