App Update & Monterey New Features

At our meeting on the 12th November, DaveK gave us an update on the new iOS app he’s developing and Robert demonstrated some of the new features in macOS Monterey. We also disucssed a number of questions and topics raised by members.

App Development Update

DaveK gave us an update on the new iOS app he’s currently developing. You can find details of Dave’s currently available Mac and iOS apps on the Zenopolis web site.

macOS Monterey

Robert demonstrated some of the new features in macOS Montery he’d been trying including:

  • Live Text to recognise text from pictures in many Apple apps including Preview and Safari.
  • Quick Note. By default Quick Notes can be created by moving the mouse to the bottom right of the screen. We discovered that this is controlled by the Hot Corners option in Mission Control preferences.
  • Focus
  • AirPlay to Mac, to show an iPad or iPhone screen on your Mac wirelessly.
  • Full screen and split view improvements, here’s an article covering these changes.
  • Moving windows to an iPad to use it as a second display.
  • Cursor colours, changed in the Display section of Accessibility preferences.
  • System Erase, accessed from the Erase all Content and Settings menu item in System Preferences.

DavidB mentioned that it’s now possible to use an animated Memoji as a login icon, complete with appropriate facial expressions. Just select a Memoji as your user icon from User & Groups preferences.

Mac World have a useful article detailing the new features in macOS Monterey.

Member topics

  • Sue recommended the TV series The Librarians which is broadcast on Pick.
  • Brian mentioned some unexpected errors he’s been getting in Safari following updating to Monterey. We found some discussion on Reddit and Apple Support Communities of these errors but there doesn’t seem to be a fix yet.
  • DavidB recommended Finch on Apple TV+ and was looking forward to The Shrink Next Door coming soon.
  • DavidB also talked about his initial experience with the 3D package Blender.
  • Elliott mentioned the Google Remote Desktop service which allows you to access a Mac from an iPad.