January 2018 Meeting

The January meeting was held on Friday the 12th and included SEAL’s annual general meeting. After the AGM we discussed some Mac image editing apps including Pixelmator Pro and advised a member on issues with his new iMac.


During the AGM the Chairman and Treasurer gave reports on the club’s activities and finances during 2017. We then held the committee election which resulted in the existing committee, Robert, Mick, Ben and DavidK being re-elected. Thanks to all the committee members for standing and their service during the last year. During the AGM we also had a useful discussion of plans for the coming year.

Image Editing Apps

DavidB mentioned that he has recently purchased the new Pixelmator Pro which is currently being offered at an introductory price on the Mac App Store. Pixelmator Pro has a new single-window interface with a new workflow and simplified editing tools. David told us he’s been enjoying the application’s powerful features so far. We also talked briefly about some other options including Affinity Photo and Adobe’s Lightroom CC.

iMac Issues

A SEAL member told us about some issue’s he’s been having with a new iMac, these included photo thumbnails disappearing and re-appearing in Photos, unexpected crashes and slow performance in applications, and problems with external hard drives. The member had managed to resolve the issues with the external drives by changing their permissions to read/write from read only.

Suspecting there may be an issue with permissions on the system, members suggested following an article from Apple to repair permissions (an option that’s no longer available in Disk Utility).