Setapp and Safari Tips

The February meeting was held on Friday the 10th. DavidK gave us some tips on Safari and we took a look at Setapp, a new Netflix-like service that lets you use over 60 Mac apps for a fixed monthly fee.

Safari Tips

DavidK gave us a number of tips for making better use of Safari on Mac, iPad and iPhone:

  • When viewing an article on the web, use the Reader View icon at the left of the address bar to change to a special view which removes distractions such as adverts, menus and logos from the page.
  • In reader view, tap the “AA” icon to the right of the address bar to change the text size, colours and font.
  • Add pages you want to read later to the Safari Reading List. On iOS, pages can be added through the share icon but there’s also a shortcut of holding down on the bookmark icon which will bring up a menu with the option to “Add to Reading List”. When you start reading pages in the list you can continuously scroll through them with the next article coming up at the bottom of the previous one.
  • On iOS, you can save a PDF of a web page by tapping Print in the share sheet and then pinching outwards on the page preview image. This will cause the preview to open full-screen, you can then use the preview’s share icon to save a PDF copy (for example to iCloud).


Robert demonstrated Setapp, a new service which provides over 60 fully functional Mac apps for $9.99 (about £8) a month. He showed Setapp’s neat implementation which places previews of all the apps in a folder on your Mac, any app can then be downloaded and started when you wish. Once downloaded they act as normal apps (while you keep up your subscription). A one month free trial is available, with no payment information needed up-front.

A few of the apps included in the service which Robert mentioned are:

Numi - A neat calculator with conversions and variables.
Capto - For capturing and editing screen recordings.
Rapid Weaver - The well-known web site builder.
Polarr - Applies professional filters to photos, the Setapp version includes all the filter packs.
Downie - A utility for downloading videos from Youtube and other streaming sites.
Money Wiz - Keep track of your finances.
Home Inventory - Used to keep a record of your possessions (e.g. for insurance purposes).


During the meeting a couple of programmes available on iPlayer were recommended:

DavidK recommended the documentary Zero Days: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage.
DavidB recommended the 15 minute radio adaptation of Issac Asimov’s short story The Evitable Conflict.