iPhone Webcam

At this meeting, held on 17th November, Robert demonstrated using an iPhone as a webcam using the Continuity Camera feature and the Desk View mode. We also talked about recent Apple news and members shared a number of topics.

iPhone Webcam

Robert demonstrated using an iPhone as a high quality web cam using Apple’s built in Continuity Camera feature which debuted in macOS Ventura.

Apple have instructions on using the Continuity Camera webcam.

While using the iPhone webcam you can also enable Desk View mode that uses the wide angle camera to mimic an overhead view of the desk in front of you for showing objects or drawings.

We also looked at the other Continuity Camera features including taking photos and scanning documents directly from the iPhone to the Mac.

DavidB mentioned that Iriun Webcam can be used to enable an iPhone as a webcam on an older Mac that doesn’t support Ventura.

Apple News

We discussed recent Apple news including:

Member Topics