Activity Monitor, Locked Notes & More

We held an online meeting via Zoom on Friday 1st May. At the meeting Robert gave some tips on using Activity Monitor the lock feature in Notes. We also had updates and suggestions from other members.

Activity Monitor

Robert demonstrated the built-in Mac utility Activity Monitor and explained how it can be used to trace apps which may be causing poor performance on a Mac and shorter battery life on portables. He also showed how to use the memory tab and in particular the Memory Pressure graph to tell when a memory upgrade might be beneficial.

Here is Apple’s support article on Activity Monitor.

Locked Notes

Note locking is a handy feature of Apple’s Notes app which allows you to securely lock a Note so it can only be displayed after entering a password or authenticating via FaceID or TouchID. Robert explained when locking might be useful and some of the details of how the feature works. Apple have a support article on locking notes.

Updates and Suggestions

DaveK gave us an update on Crowd Control, his a tally counter app specifically designed to keep track of the number people inside a building. Crowd Control is now available free for iOS devices in the App Store.

Dave also showed us this useful video from the New York Times showing how to make a face mask from an old T-shirt and recommended this animated video on lockdown productivity.