Passwords, iOS 13 and Apple Arcade

At the October meeting (held on Friday the 11th) we talked about options for managing passwords, tried out some of the new features in iOS 13 and took a look at some Apple Arcade games.


Dave talked about options for storing passwords including using a note book you keep private, the password manager built into Safari and 1Password. He concluded that any of these options might be suitable depending on the needs and skill level of a particular user.

1password now recommends signing up to a monthly subscription plan. Denesh told us that it’s still possible to purchase a standalone licence if you prefer (this is via the Purchase 1Password menu option in the app once you have downloaded it).

iOS 13

We tried out some of the new features of the recently released iOS and iPadOS 13:

  • Dark Mode.
  • New features in Photos particularly video editing options including rotation and cropping.
  • QuickPath keyboard.
  • Full Page screenshots in Safari.
  • New editing options such as dragging the insertion point and three finger swipes to undo and redo.
  • Changing WiFi, Bluetooth and other communication settings from the Control Centre using a long press.
  • Safari automatic tab closing.

PC Mag have a useful article on smaller iOS 13 features you may like to try.

Apple Arcade

We talked about the Apple Arcade service which gives access to a wide range of games for £4.99 per month with no further charges (there is a 1 month free trial). Robert demonstrated a couple of games:

Brian recommended the adventure game Pilgrims.

A few other games Robert didn’t have time to demonstrate: