Show and Tell

The May meeting was held on Friday the 10th. At this members gave short “Show and Tell” presentations on a wide variety of topics.

Update 20/05/2019: video tips added.

Show and Tell

Sue showed us two hidden object games she enjoys on her iPad:

Elliott gave us several useful tips on his iPad:

  • Using a four finger swipe to switch between apps.
  • Using two apps at the same time with Slide Over and Split View.
  • Picture in picture for videos.
  • Drag and dropping content between apps.
  • Controlling background app refresh.
  • Customising the Control Centre.

Apple have an article on iPad multitasking covering many of these features.

DavidB had prepared a number of tips in video form:

  • Allowing ScreenFlow to record an iOS device:

  • Screen capturing direct to the clipboard on the Mac:

  • Setting the EU (or a custom) volume limit on iOS devices:

  • Using AirPods as a hearing aid:

  • Holding the Alt or Control keys to delete or move the cursor by word or sentence respectively in text editing applications.

Ben told us about:

  • AppZapper, a handy Mac app for more completely removing applications from your Mac when you no longer need them.
  • RoaringApps, a very useful web site where you can check if a specific app is compatible with the latest version of macOS or iOS before upgrading.

DavidK demonstrated two iOS apps:

  • Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard, a simple PaperBoy like game released by Apple as tribute to investor Warren Buffett (who started out as a paper boy). At the time of writing the game no longer seems to be available, at least in the UK.
  • Mondly, a language learning app with free daily, weekly and monthly lessons.

Robert finished up the meeting by showing a test iOS app he’s been working on as he learns Swift and app development.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this Show and Tell!

News Discussion

Our Apple news discussion covered: