Mojave & More

The October meeting was held on Friday the 12th. We talked about upgrading to macOS Mojave and took a look at some of its new features.

Installing Mojave

macOS 10.14 Mojave is the latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system and was released recently. Some members had already upgraded and others were considering it.

Member DavidB told us he was thinking about doing a fresh install of Mojave rather than an upgrade which he hoped might improve his Mac’s performance. Members suggested trying an upgrade first as the upgrade process does perform some optimisations and is much less hassle than a fresh install.

David also asked how to verify his Time Machine backup before is complete before undertaking an installation or upgrade. This Lifewire article has some good advice on verifying Time Machine backups.

Macrumors has a useful page on doing a clean install of macOS Mojave if that does become necessary.

New Features in Mojave

After the installation discussion, Robert demonstrated some of the new features in macOS Mojave including:

  • Dark mode and accent colours.
  • The redesigned Mac App Store.
  • New Finder features including editing in QuickLook, enhanced preview with quick actions and gallery view.
  • Desktop stacks.
  • The new screen capture interface (accessed with Command + Shift + 5).
  • The Home, News, Stocks and Voice Memo apps previously only available on iOS.

Here’s Apple’s information about Mojave.

Mac Rumors has their usual list of all the “little things“, small new features in Mojave you might have missed.


We talked about the other Apple news of the past month including: