2016 AGM, a new Mac app and more

The January meeting, held on Friday the 8th, included the SEAL Annual General Meeting where we discussed activities in the last year and plans for 2016. After the AGM, SEAL’s resident developer DavidK gave a demo of a new Mac app he is working on and we discussed the news and some interesting Apps members had found.


During the AGM the Chairman and Treasurer gave their reports on the club’s activities and finances during 2015. We then held the committee election which resulted in the existing committee, Robert, Mick, Ben and DavidK being re-elected. Thanks to all the committee members for standing. We ended with a useful discussion of plans for the coming year.

Preview of Dave’s New Mac App

DavidK gave us a preview of a new Mac application he’s working on. The app is not ready to be revealed quite yet so we can’t post more details here!


Several points of interest came up in discussion during the meeting:

Several members had tried Sleep Cycle, an iOS app that tries to track the quality of your sleep and aims to wake you up with an alarm during your lightest sleep phase.

DavidB pointed out the Medical ID feature introduced with the Health app in iOS 8. This allows you to set important medical information that anyone (but particularly the emergency services) can access from the lockscreen of your iPhone (by tapping Emergency and then Medical ID).

Denesh showed us a new international version of the neat Mu folding USB charger. The Mu System has interchangeable plugs for different countries but retains the same very slim design.


We discussed: