Apple Music, WiFi Routers and more…

This meeting was held on Friday, 10th July, 2015 and featured Apple Music, WiFi routers and the first prototype of the SEAL App.

Apple Music

DavidK gave an introduction to Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming music service. David showed some of the many features including custom and curated radio stations, Beats 1 (“live” radio station with DJs), “For You” suggested albums and play lists, and the search features. We then had a group discussion about the service.

If you’d like more information about Apple Music, Mac World have a useful FAQ article.


Robert had recently bought a new router to improve the WiFi coverage in his home and gave a talk explaining why it might be time for other members to consider an upgrade. This covered recent WiFi technologies and what features to look for in a new router.


DavidK showed us the first prototype of the SEAL App running on his iPhone. This version had an initial implementation of the guide section building on the HTML guides he showed us last month.


In our QA section, Colin asked for help finding the accompanying app for a WiFi reversing camera he had purchased. In the user manual the only reference to the app was a QR Code. We found that scanning the code with a barcode app, Red Laser allowed the camera app’s web site to be accessed.