Report July 2014: iOS 8, Web Icons and DuckDuckGo

Following on from our discussion of Mac OS X Yosemite last month, at the July meeting we talked about iOS 8. Discussion covered the major new features discussed at Apple’s press conference as well as a number of smaller improvements which beta testers have found. A list of these features is being compiled on the Mac Rumors forums here:

iOS 8, All The Little Things!

Web Icons

DavidK gave a short demonstration of how to create a dock icon for easy access to a web site or web-based application. By default web links are all given the same icon so David explained how to make a new custom icon for the link so it’s easily recognisable.


Robert described his (mostly positive) experiences in using DuckDuckGo as his regular search engine for the last month or so. Support for DDG was announced by Apple for Yosemite and iOS 8. Robert explained that DDG doesn’t record user’s visits or search history and doesn’t give customised search results, all features that some people may prefer. DDG can be added as a search option in Firefox and a Safari extension is available until support is added in Yosemite/iOS 8.


In the news section we discussed: